Monthly Archives: December 2013


Within the kick – off meeting of the EXPLORE project, the Studio Legale Avvocato Marazia organised a conference on the theme “Community Led Local Development: an opportunity”

Local authorities from Massafra Municipality, companies and entrepreneurial associations, other local stakeholders including civil society organisations and cultural associations participated in the event.

  • Mr. Antonio Viesti, Massafra Vice – Mayor, welcomed participants and introduced the theme of the meeting.
  • Mr. Tommaso Marazia shortly presented EU 2014- 2020 balance, as approved on the 19th November 2014, focusing on EU cohesion policy, its impact on local development and the funding programmes and tools which can support enterprise enhancement, promote employment, foster innovation and, as a consequence, contribute to local development
  • The coordinator introduced the EXPLORE project, its aims and partners and provided concrete examples of how small scale co-operation projects can promote partnership development at international level, paving the way for future initiatives
  • Mr. Antonio Carvelli explored the theme of employment promotion through human resources enhancement, stressing the need to foster a better match between workers profiles, skills and competencies, the needs of the labour market and the workers personal and professional expectations. In this field, re-qualification, changes in the legal framework and increased flexibility can be considered as crucial aspects to work on.
  • Ms. Maria Martin Marco presented INDICO experience and activities, as a concrete example of how local development initiatives can be promoted thanks to the creation of local networks, involving public authorities, universities, enterprises and associations.

The speeches were followed by a “question time” in which several participants expressed their points of view on the themes under discussions, in an open debate with the speakers.

Around 100 people took part in the conference and, at the end, the emails of companies and associations wishing to be updated about the EXPLORE project were collected.