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How has the crisis changed European Labour Markets?

Conference entitled “How has the crisis changed European Labour Markets”


Held at the premises of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, 12 Bagatela Street, Warsaw on the 4th of July.

The hosting partner, Gi Group Sp. z o.o. organized a roundtable and conference with invited local institutions and stakeholders, with the main topic being: ”How have the crises changed European Labour Markets”.

The event took place in the Press Center of Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency in Warsaw. Among the invited guests, there were HR Managers and Operational Directors from the companies associated in 4 chambers of commerce in Poland: British-Polish Chamber of Commerce, French-Polish Chamber of Commerce, Italian- Polish Chamber of Commerce, Spanish- Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish Confederation Lewiatan (former PKPP Lewiatan) representatives and Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency representative.


The conference was opened by Bartosz Kruszewski as the hosting partner representative, who introduced the main speakers being Barbara Chamot representing the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency in Warsaw, Francesco Da Re and the Coordinator of Sviluppo Progetti, and the guest from Spain Ricardo Cubero representing Public Employment Office in Zaragoza. He presented the main topics to be discussed, i.e. the impact of the European  crisis had in the participants countries, response to the crisis, sectors affected, measures that have been already taken by the countries to recover from the crisis, best practices in this area and possibilities of improvement of the situation as well as the predictions regarding the near future in local labour markets.

  • Ms. Barbara Chamot presented the situation on investments on the Polish market in the recent few years and their influence on the employment situation, taking into consideration the pre-crisis and crisis periods which Poland’s labour market is slowly recovering from
  • Mr Francesco Da Re and the Coordinator of Sviluppo Progetti presented in short the situation on the Italian labour market, in particular in the Veneto region, comparing it to the current conditions on other partner’s markets and stressed the importance of small projects and initiatives that have a considerable influence on local communities and their development potential, which both shared on international level can be applied in local context of other countries, leading to future improvement of the critical situation
  • Mr. Ricardo Cubero presented his experience and activities within service for the Zaragoza Public Employment Office, especially in the recession period which had an enormous impact on the Spanish labour market, though he gave examples of best practice activities run in the local area of Zaragoza, involving public authorities, universities, enterprises and associations, providing hints of how to face difficulties in times of crisis.


The speeches evoked a lively discussion with the public who asked questions, willing to better understand the situation described by the speakers and their point of view, expressing also their opinions regarding the topic held within the event, which led an open debate among all participants.