Newsletter #1 – April 2014


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Newsletter #1 Kick-off Meeting

April 2014


 In this edition:

  • The EXPLORE project
  • The partners of the project
  • The Kick off meeting



 The EXPLORE project aims to investigate effective ways to promote ommunity-led local development (CLLD) in times of economic crisis, by involving public and private stakeholders to find suitable innovative strategies for development, building on local human and cultural capital as well as on other assets and resources.


  1. EXCHANGE PARTNERS BEST PRACTICES, to structure the project activities and results by building on the diversified experiences oflocal development promoters and relevant stakeholders
  2. Through the CLLD approach, PROPOSE A SET OF GUIDELINES AND RECOMMENDATIONS in order to create employment boundaryless carriers, self-entrepreneurship opportunities for disadvantaged groups and promote the effective use of local assets(including HR and cultural capital) in times of economic crisis
  3. DISCUSS THE STRUCTURE, CONTENTS, POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS OF THE PROPOSED GUIDELINES with local public or private stakeholders, to refine them by comparing and contrasting them against concrete “case studies” identified in the local areas involved
  4. CREATE A STABLE NETWORK OF PARTNERS co-operating at trans-national level for local development



  • Project partners working in the promotion of local development
  • Public and private actors promoting local development, growth and employability directly involved in the project proposed local
  • events (e.g. Unions of Municipalities, LAG, Entrepreneurial Associations, Companies etc.)


The partners of the project:

  •  Sviluppo Progetti S.c.a.r.l.
  • Studio Legale Avv. Marazia
  • Gi Group Sp z o.o.
  • INDICO – International Institute
    of Innovation, Knowledge And Skills


Kick off meeting

2nd and 3rd of December 2013 – Massafra Italy

Hosted by Studio Legale Avv. Marazia


 DAY 1 –Studio Legale Avv. Marazia


Welcome and presentation of Each of the Partners

Studio Legale Avv. Marazia

The law office is specialized in civil law issues and EU law; in its activity, it also works with other law offices and companies abroad and specifically it has strong relationships with Poland.

Considering the initiatives that the Law Office promotes in its own local area, they includes:

  •  Awareness raising on environmental issues, including pollution and the spreading of diseases among local population, due to heavy industry activities.

On this topic, the Law Office carried on a study on how to potentially re-convert heavy industry activities into different, more environment- friendly activities: the study includes the presentation of best practices and case studies extracted from the experience of other countries (e.g. Belgium, Germany) and also shows how re-conversion can lead to the creation of new jobs and, consequently, contribute to local growth

  • Communication activities on the same topic, exploiting a wide range of tools such as Social Networks (more than 25.000 contacts on the relevant webpages), web-based newsletters, organisation of seminar and conferences
  • Support to awareness raising activities in schools when a focused legal basis is needed


Sviluppo Progetti Sc.a.r.l.

Sviluppo Progetti S.c.a.r.l. was born in 1996 with the aim to provide technical assistance and consultancy to local bodies, organisations and enterprises: as such, it works with both the public and the private sector.

Its services focus on project co-ordination and management, also through ICT tools and web-based platforms (learning environment), design and production of ICT applications supporting project management, audiovisual production. Its main areas of activities, therefore, are:

  •  Information on EU policies and funding opportunities,
  • Training laboratories, simulation, non – formal training: training activities developed through LLP and Regional projects, seminars and the “European Academy Network – EAN”: Sviluppo Progetti is a member of EAN, an organisation promoting Grundtvig in service training courses on EU policies in different areas including LLP, environment, green public procurement. In doing this, EAN involves experts and professionals coming from different countries and promotes networking among participants as an opportunity to further develop joint projects and initiatives.
  • International co-operation: assistance in the management of projects for entrepreneurship promotion and local development through education, tourism, culture, environment protection etc. As such it was partner in two other Grundtvig Learning Partnerships: “CRE-ACTION: Creativity for Citizens’ awareness raising” to investigate music and creative arts as Instruments for adult citizens’ education and civic participation and as opportunities for creative local development and “Systems of knowledge for active citizenship in tourism” : to explore how travel can be a concrete learning experience for elderly people
  • Ict division: video production and editing

 At local level, the company provides technical assistance to the promoters of the “Antenna Sviluppo–Development Antenna” project, promoted by different companies, Local Action Groups and Union of Municipalities in Treviso Province, in cooperation with the Central Micro-Credit Institute (Italian NCP for the Progress programme Micro-credit facility). The aim of the initiative is to help citizens in keeping a job through outplacement and re-qualification activities targeting young people, women, workers who lost their job and to promote the start–up of micro-enterprises in non-traditional and emerging sectors.


 INDICO – International Institute of Innovation, Knowledge and Skills

INDICO is a non-profit organisation born as a “spin – off” of FASEnet, a Spanish Company dealing with Vocational Education and Training, especially focusing on re-including the unemployed in the job market. INDICO main targets are:

  • Universities and Companies: INDICO tries to identify which competencies needed by local companies are not provided by University education, and it tries to bridge this gap (e.g. through training courses for university teachers, including courses for the application of innovation and knowledge management in companies)
  • High education learners outside Universities: INDICO provides training on transversal soft skills as well as post – university coaching / counselling courses on how to effectively adapt personal skills to the need of the job market (in co-operation with Universa, an education company)
  • Public Administration: INDICO organises training for Public Administration officers, acting as a bridge between them and local companies or simply helping them in upgrading their skills (e.g. training courses for public officers working in health-related issues, training delivered in co-operation with The Aragonese Institute of Public Administrations on quality in customer service activities)
  • Other groups of adult learners: INDICO promotes training courses for adults (e.g. training for teachers and trainers wising to upgrade their skills, training for people with learning problems, training for parents to support their children in the learning process).
  • People aiming to create their own enterprise: INDICO supports self-entrepreneurship initiatives, in co-operation with public and private stakeholders


Additionally, INDICO:

  •  promotes e-learning on ICT, risk prevention, languages, management skills
  • is active in EU LLP projects focusing on new methodologies for training, education, employment: e.g. the 100 mirrors project deals with problems faced by women entrepreneurs in economic sectors with a low presence of women, while the Life Long Learning Network is an online database of LLP projects to be shared among stakeholders, to search for partnership and / or support
  • promotes knowledge alliances in the field of Tourism and the Third Sector in Aragona Region

INDICO works with many partners at local level, including the University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza Union of Entrepreneurs and Chamber of Commerce, the FEUZ – Enterprise University Foundation, the Ebropolis Foundation, which developed the local strategic development plan of Zaragoza and includes a network of 80 local companies.


Gi Group Sp z o.o.

GI group is a multinational company which was born in Italy to provide services supporting job market development. As such, it works in human resources search and selection, staff leasing, executive search, outplacement, HR related consultancy activities and training.

From 2007 onwards, the company started its international expansion, through the acquisition of companies in Germany and Poland: this process further goes on in 2008 and 2009 in other countries such as China, Hong Kong, France, Brazil, India and Spain.

In 2010 Gi Group becomes a Global Corporate Member of CIETT, the International Confederation of Private Employment Agencies

Focusing more specifically on the activities of Gi Group Sp z.o.o., the Company is active in Poland since 2007:it started its activities in the Southern part of Poland and now it has 10 offices and 60 managers working directly in the offices of its client companies. Its activities include:

  • human resources search and selection, staff leasing, executive search
  • information on the labour market for both companies and employees (reporting, direct advice)
  • support to candidates in enhancing their employability, by assisting them in writing or re-structuring a CV, in effectively present themselves during a job interview etc.
  • promotion of employment opportunities for disadvantaged people (in collaboration with the Polish Forum for HR policies). This includes the activation of the unemployed to help them in finding a job, the full integration of people with disabilities into company internal staff, the participation in initiatives promoted by the British-Polish chamber of Commerce to foster the employability of people under 25 and over 50 years of age)
  •  cooperation with local universities to adapt education and training to labour market needs (evaluation of universities by employers, seminars with students and university representatives, creation of a post-graduation course to train recruiting experts, able to reduce the mismatching between labour supply and demand.
  • dialogue with local and national decision makers, social parties, chambers of commerce, industry: starting from the analysis of the Polish labour Market, GI Group Sp z.o.o promoted an effective dialogue with relevant stakeholders to adapt the Polish scenario to new EU policies, laws and trends in the field of labour, advocating for more flexibility in co-operation with the polish Forum for HR. This has led to the approval of a new law on active policies for the re-inclusion of workers entitled to unemployed benefits into the labour market.
  •  Participation in the „Your first EURES job” an EU-funded project involving Poland, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and France: starting from an extensive questionnaire (European labour Trust Index Questionnaire), the project analysed the “Workers Trust Index” in the mentioned countries, measuring the existing conflict experienced by workers who do not work in the sector / area they wish to be employed in. Starting from that, they promoted the identification of workers professional needs and tried to improve their competencies through international mobility (re-qualification process), with the aim to allow their subsequent re-collocation on the labour market in a role better matching with their skills.


Working Session – The Swot Analysis

 Starting from a preliminary document proposed by Sviluppo Progetti, in its role as the project co-ordinator, partners discussed the structure of the SWOT analysis, reaching an agreement on the following points:

  • The aim of the SWOT is to identify the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats that, in each area, could support and promote or (on the contrary) hinder and contrast local development
  • Partners tried to standardize the SWOT as much as possible, with the aim to make it applicable to all territories involved in the project: to do so, they decided to carry on the SWOT in specific areas, corresponding to the priorities identified by the European Commission for the management of Structural and Cohesion Funds for the 2014 – 2020 period, with special reference to the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF)
  • For each identified area, partners will be asked to perform some research on their local context, to identify Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats that could enhance or, on the contrary, could pose obstacles to the achievement of the identified development priorities.
  • Specifically, partners will consider the situation in their own regions, since all regions in Europe have to design their Operative Programmes for the 2014 – 2020 according to the priorities identified, by the European Commission (see above), adopting the most suitable measures to achieve them in their own territory
  • Partners will find suitable information to complete the different sections of the SWOT analysis on:
  • The websites of regional authorities, in the sections dedicated to the ongoing negotiations between different local stakeholders
  • The related documents, information papers, powerpoints published on the same websites or directly available at Regional Authorities offices, which usually contain background information on the local context situation (including local assets, local resources, critical elements, problems to be solved)
  • Their own direct experience, or the experience of their local partners (please indicate the case/s that you are referring to)
  • Partners will quote all sources of information that will be used: this will give a sound base to the SWOT analysis and, at the same time, create a good bibliography as a reference for the project activities.


DAY 2 – Conference – Massafra Municipality

ilcentroWithin the kick – off meeting of the EXPLORE project, the Studio Legale Avvocato Marazia organised a conference on the theme “Community Led Local Development: an opportunity

Local authorities from Massafra Municipality, companies and entrepreneurial associations, other local stakeholders including civil society organisations and cultural associations participated in the event.

  • Mr. Antonio Viesti, Massafra Vice – Mayor, welcomed participants and introduced the theme of the meeting.
  • Mr. Tommaso Marazia shortly presented EU 2014- 2020 balance, as approved on the 19th November 2014, focusing on EU cohesion policy, its impact on local development and the funding programmes and tools which can support enterprise enhancement, promote employment, foster innovation and, as a consequence, contribute to local development
  • The coordinator introduced the EXPLORE project, its aims and partners and provided concrete examples of how small scale co-operation projects can promote partnership development at international level, paving the way for future initiatives
  • Mr. Antonio Carvelli explored the theme of employment promotion through human resources enhancement, stressing the need to foster a better match between workers profiles, skills and competencies, the needs of the labour market and the workers personal and professional expectations. In this field, re-qualification, changes in the legal framework and increased flexibility can be considered as crucial aspects to work on.
  • Ms. Maria Martin Marco presented INDICO experience and activities, as a concrete example of how local development initiatives can be promoted thanks to the creation of local networks, involving public authorities, universities, enterprises and associations.

The speeches were followed by a “question time” in which several participants expressed their points of view on the themes under discussions, in an open debate with the speakers.

Around 100 people took part in the conference and, at the end, the emails of companies and associations wishing to be updated about the EXPLORE project were collected.


Some Pictures of the event!


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Project Partners Will meet again in Warsaw on the 3rd and 4th of July!


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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This document reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein


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