INDICO is an international agency for knowledge and innovation in vocational training for people and organisations. We are a non profit organisation for project management, transfer of project results, and implementation in projects of innovation in knowledge development through new technologies. We are acknowledged by public institutions like the regional government and office of employment as a training provider.

Our aims are to manage and promote innovative and creative projects in different sectors, improving personal skills and competences, promoting real and virtual mobility and organizing international meetings.

INDICO acts as an agent for operational projects and has among its priorities the management of knowledge and innovation for continuous improvement of individuals, companies and organizations.

Our main objectives are:

  • 1. A management platform for innovative projects.
  • 2. Coordination between entities-university-business people.
  • 3. Link between Spain, Europe and America for innovation and knowledge.
  • 4. Management and promotion of innovative and creative projects by sectors.
  • 5. Real and virtual mobility, and meeting between countries.
  • 6. Improvement of professional skills.
  • 7. School of business and management skills.
  • 8. Improving skills for disadvantaged groups.
  • 9. School of entrepreneurs.

In addition INDICO is supported by a Chair with the University of Zaragoza on May 6, 2010. “CHAIR OF KNOWLEDGE AND INNOVATION AT WORK” ( The Chair contributes to the generation of knowledge in the areas of innovation in the world of work and socio-economic environment, giving priority to the person as a subject for innovation and supports universities in several areas of particular interest and in the international area.

INDICO’s website:

INDICO’s contact person for the EXPLORE project:
Maria Martin
Telephone: +34. 976 235 875

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